Michelle M.
Happy Customer

Rapid responses and awesome service! I’ll definitely call again.

Ashley T.
business owner

Highly recommend! My carpet looks brand new and smells great! All of the staff are PROFESSIONAL and the cleaning process was speedy!

regular customer

I was very pleased with the service. I was able to schedule a Sunday service which was extremely helpful in preparations for the move.

regular customer

The owners and their employees are dedicated to customer service and are completely trustworthy. My family and friends have used RIC’s services for many, many years and appreciate the results each time RIC visits us!

Happy Customer

We had just a terrific experience. Our carpets were a mess from dogs and kids. The carpets look great now. RIC was very responsive, arrived on time, did a great job and did it pretty quickly too. I will reschedule with them.

New Customer

have used Chem-Dry and Stanley Steamer. I would rate RIC better than them and much more reasonable. Great job!

Leonardo Grey
business owner

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Anna Lee

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