We are a dream team!

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5 Core principles of our work

  • Use the power of your imagination
  • Think bigger than you are
  • Focus on growth
  • Keep the right people around you
  • Set goals along the way

Our experience

Video Production
Photo Retouch
Web Design

Meet our specialists


Founded RIC in 1988 based on top of the line cleaning products, services, and personnel. She is a proud Virginia Tech alumnus. Marion oversees every aspect of the business to ensure we continue to provide a consistently exceptional service.

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Vice President

Started with R.I.C. in 1997 and has experience at all levels including cleaning all types of flooring utilizing our top of the line cleaning products and truck mounts.​ Ashley oversees all service, operations, and internet presence and manages our Give Back campaigns for the community.

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Office Manager

Keesha has been with RIC for several years and has become a true part of our family. She oversees all operations and personnel functions and provides exceptional customer service.

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