R.I.C. Established 1988
Exceptional Cleaning Services & Extraordinary Customer Service
Meet The RIC Family​
Community ​
Give Back Campaigns 
Marion, President
​Founded RIC in 1988 based on top of the line cleaning products, services, and personnel.
She is a proud Virginia Tech alumnus.
​She oversees every aspect of the business to ensure we continue to provide a consistant exceptional service.

Ashley, Vice President
​Started with our company in 1997.
​Has experience on all levels including cleaning all types of flooring utilizing our top of the line cleaning products and truck mounts.
​She oversees all service, operations, and internet presence.
​She produces our Give Back campaigns for the community .​
Keesha, Office Manager
​Has been with us several years and has become part of our family​.
She oversees all operations, personnel, and provides exceptional customer service.  
Special Helpers
We are very appreciative of our special helpers that always do a fantastic job contributing to our social media pictures. We are also very appreciative that they work for chocolate :) except the kitty, she will just ignore us for a week :)
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